WHAT: We create strategic content marketing campaigns by assembling teams of influencers to promote brands we can truly get behind.

WHO: Our influencers, the Power Primpers, are carefully selected beauty and lifestyle bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers. These professional, dependable, and truly influential women join the network by referral only.

HOW: Our approach to content marketing is unique.  Our influencer teams work together to authentically promote top notch brands. Our collaborative effort ignites conversations within a niche sphere of influence. The result is powerful.

WHY: Traditional ads are no longer relevant to the next generation beauty and fashion consumer. We help brands leverage the voices of REAL women, who wield more power together than any other form of traditional media. 

Your customer is not an airbrushed photo or ad. She expects authenticity.

The PRIMP network delivers. 

The WHY and the HOW is just as important as

WHAT you sell. It's your brand story. YOUR TRUTH

The reason your brand story resonates is because it's a

dynamic exchange of value – a relationship that's

shared. Our Network of POWER PRIMPERS 

is the bridge that  connects your

brand to the consumer. 

PRIMP partners with the most authentic fashion and beauty

bloggers who have built their following from pure passion and grit.

They're a trusted team of women who inspire us all to primp-ify

our lives. They have expanded the scope of beauty with

different styles and preferences. They are brave,

professional, and highly influential.



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