The PRIMP Network exists for the purpose of marketing products to consumers through the voices of real women- our Power Primpers. We do this by promoting brands we believe in through native content that's powerful because it's honest and created by real women, our Power Primpers.  The PRIMP network is a 180 degree pivot from the over commercialized and airbrushed standard of advertising.  Our network was created by Founder and CEO, Caroline VanSickle, to give brands an opportunity to build an authentic relationship with new customers. After working in advertising for 10 years, Caroline observed the barrier barrier between "REAL" content and "REAL" life. The false illusions, implied standards of beauty, and the aspirational style of advertising drove a wedge between the brand and the end consumer.  Therefore, the PRIMP Network is a bridge to help brands humanize their marketing efforts and reach REAL consumers with REAL women.

The PRIMP Network serves as the perfect matchmaker. As a full service influencer agency, we offer a strategic and efficient path to leverage influencers in a way that results in a direct and indirect ROI.

Let's get PRIMPin'!