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Caroline Van Sickle
Caroline Van Sickle
Influencer Marketing Director
Natalie Jerebic
Natalie Jerebic
Community +
Affiliate Manager

Our founder, Caroline, previously worked for a large media publisher. She observed the impact on women and our culture from decades of subliminal and overt messages related to beauty and body image ideals. Intentional or not, “the media” created a myopic and unforgiving standard of perfection. Caroline wanted to create a refuge from perfection - a community and a marketplace focused on beauty and fashion from real women.

"I love to PRIMP; I just don’t like the way it's all been marketed to us as women. PRIMP allows us to promote products and share things we love - makeup, bags, shoes, and outfits- from a place of radical self-acceptance. There is no doubt to your worth as a woman. Delight in it and primp yourself. Do it because it makes you feel good. PRIMP is all about the Beautocracy - real beauty by and for the people. You deserve to PRIMP the way you want. Whether that's no makeup on Monday or sparkly heels on a random Tuesday - primpin' is a way to express ourselves and to appreciate beauty from many authors and in many forms."

A practical reason for our existence, beyond the surefire girlfriend guns blazing, is that when we’re shopping online, the helpful blogger advice is not at hand. In fact, valuable blogger content gets buried more often than not. We provide a platform for bloggers to surface their content, making it easier to find. We place the blogs one click away from shopping and discovering great beauty products and outfit ideas. Plus, our Power Primpers earn commission from products purchased directly from their looks. Find a few Power Primpers who represent your style and body type. Get inspired by their endless uploads of primpin'.

At PRIMP, we saw bloggers carve a wide and powerful path of influence to the customer. So why not let the bloggers, real women, be the "ads"? Better yet, it's not just advertising anymore, it's advocating on behalf of brands we love. It's a movement. Together, we are broadening the spectrum of what is seen as beautiful. Together, we're building a Beautocracy. Join us!