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To "PRIMP" means "to Adorn With Care."
We want women to care about themselves -
to take joy in expressing their own personal style.
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PRIMP is a community & marketplace that helps inspire a new way to discover beauty & fashion trends - from real women. It's a Beautocracy - Real beauty by and for the people.
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Our select and trusted bloggers, a.k.a. Power Primpers, provide endless inspiration for PRIMPIN'. They upload & tag with products from hundres of retailers- making it easy for you to discover and shop - all in one place.

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Get inspired by real women - the Power Primpers
Power Primpers make it their job and passion project to scout, try out, style & share clothes, cosmetics & accessories. Get inspired. Shop their looks. Learn about their favorite things. Visit their blogs.
Here is how the content Marketplace fits together
Shop directly from the looks, outfits and product faves of Power Primpers. For each product you buy, the Power Primper earns a small commission.
Hey Pretty - thanks for joining PRIMP!
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